Located in Georgetown, one of the most iconic neighborhoods in Washington, D.C., Artist’s Proof Gallery and Art Consultancy presents innovative exhibitions by a select and exclusive portfolio of local and international artists. The art of these highly talented visual artists illustrate contemporary art in varying styles and genres, provide a realistic portrayal of our modern realities and offer glimpses into a rich and diverse history of artistic exploration.

As a gallery, we are devoted to developing and launching the careers of emerging artists at varying stages in their artistic vocation. Responding to what is happening in the contemporary art scene, we strive to encourage an artist to experiment freely and to educate art enthusiasts and collectors about new works. We strive to create an environment that is both risk-taking and welcoming for artist, collectors and art appreciators alike. Artist’s Proof exhibition program presents a mixture of solo exhibitions, and curated group shows that explore these themes.


Peggy Sparks

With more than 15 years of international experience in the industry, Sparks brings a wealth of experience and resource to every art consultation project she undertakes. A collector of modern Chinese ink paintings, she appreciates the subtlety of the medium.

Mackenzie Spriggs

A graduate of Art History from the University of Mississippi, Spriggs curates original and inclusive solo and theme-based exhibitions at Artist's Proof. Spriggs is a keen appreciator of modern photography and is especially a fan American photographer Sally Mann.

Caitlin Cordani 

Cordani manages the gallery's online presence. With her background in Studio Arts from Virginia Tech, Cordani brings an artistic flair to every aspect of the gallery's online curation. Cordani is a practicing artist, drawing inspiration from German expressionists.