Art Consultancy

Art sourcing and art advisory services for residential and commercial spaces are our specialties. Artist's Proof has an extensive database of emerging and established artists that allows us to provide our clients with novel options.

From delivering comprehensive proposals of unique art pieces customized to your space, to framing, installation and insurance, we ensure that all the details of the acquisition process are professionally managed. Whether a single artwork or multi-work curation, our consultants are able to maximize your project’s budget and curate temporary or permanent installations that enhance your space

Artist’s Proof’s art consultants have sourced and commissioned art for leading corporate clients as well as top architects and designers. Our projects can be seen many commercial and residential buildings around the world.


Sotheby's International Realty Show House in Bethesda, MD
                      Sotheby's International Realty Show House in  Bethesda, MD
                        Sotheby's International Realty Show House in Bethesda, MD
Edward Stockman's Contrapposto at the LaSalle College of the Arts in Singapore

Client's residence in D.C.

Client's residence in D.C.

Linn Meyer's at the Lobby of Columbia Square

Client's residence in McLean, VA

Client's residence in Potomac, MD

Sculpture at the St Regis, Singapore

Develter's Portrait at the Mandarin Oriental, Bangkok

Show Apartment in D.C.