Art Talks at Artist’s Proof

Artist’s Proof has organized a series of exclusive art talks on the process of fine art acquisition given by distinguished art professionals. Gain new insight into art collecting and contemporary trends during three special events in March 2015

March 3rd: Using iconic artworks from the early renaissance to contemporary art, this lecture by Holly Mazar focuses on some of the greatest artists that have lived and whose art continue to influence contemporary society. Mazar shows us how to appreciate the art around us through the understanding the techniques and styles that have transcended generations of artists.

March 17th: Join us for a lively discussion on the evolution and economics of art in the contemporary art world. Farmer and Wunderlich discuss the roles of art industry’s various players including the auction houses, galleries and collectors. The talk also seeks to help clients understand what questions one should ask in the process of acquiring art.

March 31st: Founding Curator of Photographs at the National Portrait Gallery, William F. Stapp, will speaking on the changes that has occurred in its evolution as a medium from film to digital. Stapp will also address how one can approach photography and appreciate it as an art form. The talk aims to equip first-time collectors with the right tools for acquiring a photographic work. Come with questions so that this specialist with more than 50 years of experience can assist you with starting your collection