Chinese Ink Masterclass by Quek Kiat Sing

Join us for an exclusive demonstration by Chinese ink painter Quek Kiat Sing this June.  The artist will show how ink and water interacts on rice paper and she will also speak about traditional symbols in calligraphy and the contemporary interpretations that ink allows.

Any conversation about Chinese ink is a delicate task due to the medium’s monumental historical importance in Chinese intellectual and artistic circles.  Chinese ink’s use evolved from purely calligraphic applications to gradually including an intricate array of landscape image-making dating from as early as the Tang dynasty.  In the intervening centuries, the collision of Eastern and Western cultures and modes of expression through trade and confrontation diluted the medium of its conservative cultural context.  However, these dramatic changes also opened Chinese ink to radically new possibilities ranging from pure abstraction, portraiture and to the Nayang style of painting.  

Quek Kiat Sing was trained in the traditional application of Chinese Ink to a more contemporary interpretation of that medium. She often juxtaposes modern-day subjects with traditional Chinese Ink to emphasise the relevancy of culture in contemporary life. In her latest series, Arrangement Fantastique, she appropriates Western imagery and reconstructs it on her own stylistic foundations.

Join us at Artist’s Proof for an exclusive evening with the artist and her latest works.