Home of Art: A Collection of Works by Spanish Photographer Pedro Correa

Artist’s Proof is pleased to announce the exhibition, Home of Art: A show of photography works by Pedro Correa. Spanish photographer Correa will be exploring the ‘special atmosphere’ and the paradox of art spaces in his first solo exhibition in the The United States. The opening reception will be held on April 5, 2017, from 7-9pm at Artist’s Proof located at 1533 Wisconsin Ave NW, Washington D.C. 20007. The exhibition will close on April 30, 2017.

The Home of Art series gives a personal view on the special atmosphere that allows art to thrive and blossom that reigns in museums, its ‘guardians of art’, and in general the way art is approached. There are two subjects captured and juxtaposed within the series – the Museum Attendant, and the Museum Visitor and their interaction with this space.

Home of Art attempts, through the artist’s lenses and a shared public space, to connect individuals of different backgrounds and to ultimately illustrate the global community we live in. The photographs are never staged but intimate ‘displayed’ moments captured by Correa. The ‘guardians of art’ appear to become one with the surroundings, while imperative to the ‘scene’ they seem to disappear behind corners, becoming invisible. The Museum Visitor also appears to be one with the space.

Through Correa’s capturing of these very public and yet private moments, we are also allowed to assume the role of the Museum Visitor, keenly observing and deciphering the artwork presented on multiple levels. These everyday moments that is often overlooked – the shades of peoples, their dispositions, the mundane motions, the colors and energy – things unnoticed, are captured in Home of Art.

During the opening reception, Correa will be giving a talk on how he selects subjects in urban environments. Correa explains, “I like to underline what is not obvious, what would be worth getting a bit more attention. There’s beauty to be found everywhere. It is capturing a specific moment that is not constructed but which is just there.” With a background in painting one sees this unique and beautiful combination of injecting the emotions of impressionism into the “decisive moment” of photography.

The exhibition will also present new works from his much acclaimed Urban Impressions series. In relation to that, Correa, who received his PH. D in Image Processing from University of Louvain, Louvain-la-Neuve, will being giving a talk on how the brain processes images viewed in art. He will speak about the different ways in which content-rich image versus image with less details affects the way the brain processes such an image. Correa will correlate that to his photography, that by ejecting emotions of impressionism into ‘decisive moment’ of photography, the subconscious dominates, allowing the viewer to emotionally respond to what is being presented rather than processing it rationally. Formally trained in oil painting, Correa bridges the two medium, creating an entirely inventive approach. Correa explains, “I like to underline what is not obvious;  what would be worth getting a bit more attention. There’s beauty to be found everywhere. It is capturing a specific moment that is not constructed but which is just there.”

Born in Madrid in the hot summer of 1977, Pedro Correa was the son an artist painter and a teacher with a love for travel. While growing up, he lived in Avignon (France), Madrid and Barcelona and finally moved to Brussels where he stayed for a long time. He graduated in oil painting and comic art at the Brussels Royal Academy of Arts. While he was practicing his craft, he was inspired by the art of Saul Leiter and how he was able to paint with reality through the light in his photography and started perusing photography.