Jean-Francois Debongnie’s Les Printemps

Artist’s Proof is proud to unveil Les Printemps featuring work by Jean-François Debongnie. Artist’s Proof Gallery celebrates the Spring with a collection of colorful minimalist landscapes.  Artist’s Proof will host an opening reception for Les Printemps beginning on Friday, April 17, 2015 to coincide with the peak bloom of Washington DC’s cherry blossoms.

Belgian artist Jean-François Debongnie is a self-taught artist who works exclusively in water-based acrylic and Chinese ink. He was born in Brussels in 1968, but travelled to Asia in 1989, where he fell in love with Eastern cultural and aesthetic traditions. Since then, his paintings have explored visual representations of navigation between the West where he was born and the East he called home for over two decades.

The dialogue between East and West that occurs in Jean-François works makes for particularly appropriate viewing during the bloom of Washington DC’s cherry blossoms.  Like Jean-François’ canvases, the cherry blossom trees, a gift from Japan in 1912, reveal common bonds to the beauty of nature that resolve cultural divisions into mutual understandings.

His canvases seamlessly straddle seemingly disparate elements—old and new; organic and synthetic; vibrant ochre, blue, and red against muted shades of gray and black. Jean-François’ harmonizing touch gives his works their enduring beauty, allowing him to paint traditional botanical scenes with traditional materials in a contemporary style. In this sense, Jean-François’ canvases are the beneficiaries of a rich heritage of history transplanted into the modern world where they thrive.

Jean-François’ works have been exhibited in Belgium, Germany, France, Singapore, and Malaysia and shown in private collections and luxury buildings including the Sotheby’s Institute of Art, Singapore Airlines, and the Westin Hotels. In addition, Jean-François’ work has been featured in Vogue Living and Elle Decor.