Playmobil: A Collection of Photographs by Richard Unglik

Join us Tuesday, July 11, 2017, from 7 – 9 pm in the Living Room at the W Washington Hotel and become a part of Richard Unglik’s Playmobil world! Make your own works of art and immortalize them with the perfect Instagram shot! French photographer Richard Unglik tenderly recreates his passion for history, cinema and music this summer at W Washinton DC in his latest series Playmobil.

A little humor, a lot of poetry and a generous hint of nostalgia define the childlike poetry of Unglik’s art. This original photographic concept by artist Richard Unglik, reproduces iconic historical images with Playmobil toys has become the passion of creative photographer and artist, Richard Unglik, since 2000. Unglik and Playmobil were both products of the 70’s and the resulting interaction was a natural and organic one for this photographer. Solely using Playmobil’s characters, accessories and decors, he takes on the most well-known painters and sculptors, the most memorable movies, and the musicians who inspired his youth.

Since his first show in Paris in 2011, Richard has participated in several exhibitions in France, England, Germany, Switzerland and now in the US.