The World Through the Artist’s Eyes: A Collection of Landscape Paintings by Rodger Schultz

At Artist’s Proof, we have curated a selection of Schultz’s Impressionist works. These intricate, verdant landscapes explode in a kaleidoscope of flora and color. Through a multitude of simple brushstrokes, Schultz has constructed an inner world that pulsates with silent harmony.

Rodger Schultz (b. 1970, Washington, D.C) draws inspiration from a staggering array of artistic movements, while simultaneously creating his own unique style. While Schultz has said that the core of his paintings draws from the Post-Impressionism style, which is evident in his various Landscapes series, he is perpetually experimenting, embracing mistakes, and discovering new styles.

For Schultz, his vocation as an artist transcends all other material considerations. An intrinsic urge to express himself truthfully,  Schultz’s various paintings are an authentic, sincere and highly spiritual reflection of the way he sees the world.

Schultz’s most recent series, True American Grit, which pays tribute to some of the most influential figures in American history was acquired by the Mayor Kasim Reed of Atlanta Georgia and is on view at Atlanta’s City Hall (Click here for the full write up). Schultz has held an apprenticeship with Arizona sculptor Ed Beathitt and spent over a decade working as a Graphic Designer. He is currently living and working in the Washington, D.C area.