True American Grit

Artist’s Proof is pleased to partner with the Fairmont, Washington D.C. this November to showcase local artist Rodger Schultz. In his latest series, True American Grit – he pays tribute to some of the most influential figures in American history.

Intrigued by the American peoples’ insatiable desire for reform, Schultz has created a captivating series that embodies the vibrant sprit of the past and icons who continue to inspire sociopolitical change. Schultz’s portraits draw an intriguing and nuanced correlation between these individuals and current events.

America’s history is comprised of ordinary people who did extraordinary things in the face of formidable obstacles. Their legendary accomplishments intimately affected the course of history. Connecting the past to the present, Schultz’s portraits both celebrate positive pivotal moments and reflect on dark chapters in the history of the United States. Many current movements are deeply connected in one way or another to the lives led by these icons that he has captured on his canvases. Ultimately championing the need for universal justice and equality. Furthermore, he alludes to the multi-ethnic background of the American people, showing that there is no simple way to define what it means to be an American.

Through the True American Grit series, Schultz makes a case for the importance of history and its direct relationship to the present and how it will shape our future.